Is it really mobile vs. social or mobile + social = commerce?

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As soon as the black Friday commerce data was published with a thumbs up to mobile commerce and a hard beating to social commerce, people started doubting all the hype surrounded social commerce! In a way this thrashing can be justified, as businesses are now expecting significant return on investment after spending substantial amounts of money on social media marketing, from paying consultants to running guerrilla campaigns to engaging people via this medium.

Black Friday Commerce Stats

On the other hand, an introduction of smartphones and tablets has hugely boosted the mobile commerce numbers and if you believe the pundits, by 2015 every 3rd online transaction will happen via mobile device and every second offline buyer will check goods prices on a phone before buying it in the shop!

And as a result of this, every online and offline retailer is vigorously competing to introduce apps with all the latest technologies, such as voice…

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The jury is out as to how FB Graph Search will help [or enhance] Ad Targeting on their platform – after learning more however, the possibilities seem limitless.



The days leading up to todays announcement about Facebook’s graph search feature was filled with rumours about the company building a “Facebook phone”. All that excitement was shattered when the announcement came that facebook was not launching a phone but a “search” feature. Now while some people were disappointed that no phone came out, I myself was actually very excited about the new feature.

Ever since last year, I have reached a point where I felt that Facebook was slowly becoming irrelevant. I started to spend less time on the website and I started posting less and less “stuff” on it. Most of the updates on my timeline since the last year have been about posts I have been tagged in. I felt like Facebook was slowly becoming less engaging and felt like it was just a big graffiti wall filled with my friends rants about the smallest of things…

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We have gone from being divided as to whether everything will be bought online to finally agreeing that buying involves multiple steps with some being online and other on mobile and often ending offline. Of course it would be so much simpler if everything was on or offline but unfortunately that is most often not how people behave.

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