Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

“… 5 Things Digital Marketers Need to Think About in 2014

  • Real-time mindset.
  • Get the big idea of newsjacking.
  • Incredible (and credible) content.
  • Write like a human, not a Martian.
  • Create brand evangelists. . .”

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Content [Marketing’s] Biggest Challenge Is Scale

Content MarketingMediapost.com article by Skip Brand – “We’re going to start to see native advertising take cues and data signals from the publishers and start to customize messaging to an individual user,” says Adam Kasper, chief media officer at Havas. “[Kasper], predicts that the content marketing business will grow, as content comes closer to media buying, and automation will have a huge impact on this growth . . . ‘With native [content ad buy], there’s a limitation,’ says Kasper. Read more – very insightful article! http://bit.ly/1cfCUz3 via @mediapost

A better e-commerce experience: Channel Intelligence and DoubleClick Search team up for enhanced feed management, optimization

Channel Intelligence, Doubleclick Search, Google

[Google] announced that “DoubleClick Search will integrate feed management and optimization capabilities from Channel Intelligence. As an add-on solution to the DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite, the first step in this integration combines the data feed expertise from Channel Intelligence with the core workflow and optimization features from DoubleClick Search.” Read more

Apple Is Already Building Its Next Massive Business And No One Seems To Have Noticed

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images


Spot quiz: What is Apple’s fastest-growing product by total dollar sales?  If you thought iPhones or iPads, you’d be wrong. Growth of both of those is in decline.

It’s actually e-commerce — via iTunes, iBooks and the app stores. Sales of extra, non-Apple “stuff” via Apple’s products were up 19% to $4.4 billion in Q1 2014.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-ecommerce-and-mobile-payments-plans-2014-2#ixzz2uHEE32XK

2014 belongs to Social Commerce, Bitcoin, Wearable Tech and Sentiment Search

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2013 saw the rise and rise of mobile commerce, the stock market launch (and surge in share price) of social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook, the introduction of wearable technologies like Google Glass, and high demand for Bitcoin took its valuation to $1,000.

Google shares reached over $1,000, LinkedIn shares are trading at over 300% of their original value, Twitter and Facebook shares are strong too. Overall, the year was very exciting and reached heights that caused  critics to suspect a tech crunch just around the corner.

On  the downside, 2012 stars like Zynga and Groupon have struggled to maintain their share price and profits, and Samsung and Apple went to war over various patents.

Amid all these highs and lows, I have spotted some trends that might dominate the coming year’s technology developments.

1.Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn might need to think beyond display advertising or parish

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McDonald’s Meets Moschino at Milan Fashion Week

Think haute couture is hopelessly out of touch with the real world? The new McDonald’s-inspired collection by American designer Jeremy Scott for Moschino might help banish your biases.


Think haute couture is hopelessly out of touch with the real world? The new McDonald’s-inspired collection by American designer Jeremy Scott for Moschino might help banish your biases. Aptly described by Style.com’s Tim Blanks as “a mutant hybrid of Ronald McDonald and Coco Chanel,” the collection in McD’s iconic red and yellow palette came complete with Golden Arches-themed sunglasses, a french fry phone cover and a can’t-miss handbag embellished with an oversized M.

Scott’s love of junk food doesn’t end with the burger chain, either. His colorful fall collection — which brightened up the largely somber color schemes shown by other designers at the show– included a range of attire modeled after other pop culture faves Sponge Bob and Fruit Loops. Attendees at his runway show, which included A-lister Katy Perry, were definitely lovin’  it.

Prices were not disclosed, but somehow we doubt there’s a dollar menu for those…

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Mobile Contacts Are Now The Real Social Network

Editor’s note: Peter Yared is the CTO/CIO at CBS Interactive. Follow him on Twitter @peteryared.

Facebook’s surprising acquisition of WhatsApp signals that it has realized that users’ true social network is the contact list on their smartphones.

As the line between platform and publisher continues to blur, who wins and who loses?


As publishing tools have become cheaper and more distributed, many have benefited from this ongoing democratization of distribution — whether it’s Twitter (s twtr) users posting newsworthy updates from war zones, or would-be authors publishing their thoughts on Medium. That’s the power of a platform that allows anyone to publish. It’s when the line blurs between platform and publisher that things start to get tricky, not just for writers but for readers as well.

In a recent post at Re/code, Jonathan Glick of Sulia — which is itself both a social-media platform and a publisher — came up with a rather ugly portmanteau of a word to describe this phenomenon: he called them “platishers,” a term that not unsurprisingly unleashed a storm of ridicule from media insiders on Twitter.

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What Amazon Knows That Distributors Don’t – Internet Retailer

An interesting blog post by Ragda Bodla (Director, Industry Marketing, NetSuite Inc.) on Internet Retailer today is a good read:  “What does Amazon know about succeeding in B2B? Basically, B2B buyers increasingly want the same shopping experience they have as consumers on B2C e-commerce sites. The same people who buy shoes online are also buying supplies for their companies, and they demand the availability, convenience and service [found] on consumer sites Tomkins said during a recent Tomkins International webinar: ‘Competing with the Big Dogs: Standing Up to Google and Amazon‘ . . . Five key B2C lessons distributors should learn to succeed in delivering the consumer-like experience its customers expect and are already receiving from competitors. . . “  continue reading full post on Internet Retailer website.