Month: March 2014

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5 ways startups are narrowing the content discovery gap

Pay special attention to the last paragraph about Jeff Bezo’s recent acquisition of Washington Post!

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How to lower your churn rate

A good read: paying attention to customer churn rates is not only important with SaaS models but with e-commerce retailers as well. When you are too focused on customer ramp-up you oftentimes forget to deploy a robust customer engagement program as well – this element should always be on product roadmap with any new release.

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Dan shared a link ‘Mobile Search: Tips for Effective Mobile Content Optimization

LinkedIn MESSAGES Three ways you can improve mobile content optimization. 1. Cater To Skimmers, Not Readers 2. Have Useful, Simple Information 3. Fight For Attention Web users may be impatient, but mobile users are much more demanding. Don’t treat mobile users as readers, but as skimmers and scanners. Think of your mobile audience as having […]

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Dan shared a link ‘Facebook Marketing Switches from Earned to Paid’ with you.

LinkedIn MESSAGES This evolution in Facebook marketing shows that even the most recognized media channels remain unpredictable in the emerging digital marketplace and that the lines between owned and paid channels remain blurred. Facebook Marketing Switches from Earned to Paid New data and executive predictions from Social@Ogilvy show that Facebook continues to reel in […]

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Dan shared a link ‘Internet in 2025: 5 Intriguing Predictions – InformationWeek’ with you.

LinkedIn MESSAGES 1. Big data will affect the public’s actions and behavior. 2. The Internet will facilitate political awareness and peaceful change. 3. Dangerous divides will emerge. 4. The Internet will bring about the age of the "global supercomputer." 5. New business models will emerge. Internet in 2025: 5 Intriguing Predictions – InformationWeek How […]

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Dan shared a link ‘Facebook to Begin Posting 15-Second Video Ads’ with you.

LinkedIn MESSAGES IDC analyst Crawford Del Prete is also quoted in theWSJ story Facebook to Begin Posting 15-Second Video Ads By Benjamin Pimentel SAN FRANCISCO–Facebook Inc. is taking another small, cautious step toward online video ads, which analysts have said would make the company even more profitable but could also potentially spark a user […]

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