• How Millennial Income Compares to Baby Boomer Income in America – Bloomberg

    Millennials, long presumed to have less interest in the nonstop consumption of goods that underpins the American economy, might not be that different after all, a new study from the Federal Reserve says. — Read on www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-29/fed-says-millennials-are-just-like-their-parents-only-poorer

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  • B2B Next Speaker Spotlight: Marc Kermisch on B2B e‑commerce and organizational change

    Instead of thinking about the enablement of B2B e-commerce as a threat to how you do business, think about how it can enable your organization to shift from processing orders to helping solve your customers’ problems. Marc Kermisch, CIO and vice president, The Garage Red Wing Shoe Company Q&A Q:  What are some of the biggest […]

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    The age-old B2B sales problem The problem most B2B brands face is the low profit margins that low-volume customers bring on an individual level. The sheer volume of orders generated from large business customers, such as Walmart, justifies sales teams dedicating a significant amount of time and resources servicing these businesses to meet their needs. […]

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    Risk aversion is becoming a top motivator for B2B buyers. Research shows 78% of buyers are dedicating more time to researching solutions and are increasingly turning to peers and thought leaders for relevant insights. Demand Gen Report’s 2018 B2B Buyers Survey demonstrates the growing influence of third-party sources and outside opinions on the buyer journey. […]

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