• Amazon’s Big Weakness in the Supreme Court Sales Tax Ruling

    apple.news/A8BI3_bViQi-_oD5roBDxhA source: TheStreet As much as 0.3% of the retailer’s sales could be at risk following Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling, an analyst says. Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) has been touted as barely touched by the Supreme Court ruling on state sales tax collection. That interpretation, though, fails to evaluate the nuances of Amazon’s business model, one […]

  • Amazon tightening grip on showrooming

    Amazon takes showrooming to next level with image recognition … mobilemarketer.com Amazon is tightening its grip on showrooming with a new image recognition application feature that cuts down on the number of steps it takes for a consumer to find and buy a product – read full story by Mobile Marketer’s Lauren Johnson     […]