• Advertisers Demand More Transparency from Video Influencers

    apple.news/A3qmnx7qoMpeiwA7HWxTRMg Influencer marketing is at a turning point. In the days ahead of VidCon, marketing executives in Cannes, France, have been calling for more transparency from influencers and the platforms that promote them, such as Instagram. For example, Unilever CMO Keith Weed said his company will not work with influencers who buy followers. Meanwhile, in […]

  • Video Marketing Continues To Explode As The Way To Reach Customers

    apple.news/AlK8Ea_kBRwqn6VZXoRiaSw Marketing via video is the biggest way to reach people today. It is nearly unstoppable. Instagram, the photo sharing app phenom acquired by Facebook for X billion announced IGTV this week to add one hour “long form” video options to its platform. The Instagram announcement comes as 40,000 people (my rough estimate based on […]