5 ways startups are narrowing the content discovery gap

Pay special attention to the last paragraph about Jeff Bezo’s recent acquisition of Washington Post!


Consuming content on the Internet has long felt like drinking from a firehose. Yet the problem is getting even worse. Driven by a focus on page views and the growth of viral content from social sharing sites like Buzzfeed and Gawker, the volume of unfiltered and even unwanted content has exploded. Users continue to struggle to find the signal in the ever-louder noise.

In addition to wasting users’ time, this content discovery gap poses a significant opportunity cost for those who trade in information currency: publishers, analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, executives, journalists and other professionals. Like the adage “half of my advertising is wasted – I just don’t know which half,” the vast majority of content misses its target and goes unread, creating a vastly underperforming asset for producers and publishers. Fortunately, startups and innovative publishers are developing and employing strategies that promise to narrow the Content Discovery Gap.


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