3 lessons from The Content Strategist to engage your blog readers

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Today on Let’s Connect, we will discover the secret sauce of The Content Strategist, a perfect example of an effective brand blog. Of course, it is not a coincidence we chose this platform since it is from a young company called Contently, whose goal is to help brands and journalists to publish more engaging stories on the web.

A visually appealing homepage

Let’s begin with The Content Strategist homepage. What is catching the eye as soon as you connect is the blog’s tagline, which immediately tells the user what he will find on the platform:

Content Strategist: Insights and Analysis on Brands, Storytelling, and the Future of Content, by Contently”.

It couldn’t have been shorter and clearer. Every brand blogs should work on summarizing its message so effectively.

Then, we get the latest posts published on the platform. Nothing original, you think? I agree…

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