VB LIVE: Want a lucrative app launch? Freemium is key!

VB LIVE: Want a lucrative app launch? Freemium is key — but tricky. Learn how to balance free versus paid features without pissing your users off in our latest interactive VB Live event, where industry leaders will take you for a deep dive into best practices for app monetization. Register here for free. The trickiest part…

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Your Mobile Contact List Are Now The Real Social Network — TechCrunch

Facebook’s surprising acquisition of WhatsApp signals that it has realized that users’ true social network is the contact list on their smartphones. Mobile contacts are usually limited to people a user knows well and actually communicates with, a veritable treasure trove when compared to the copious list of Facebook friends that many users have accumulated over the years.

via Mobile Contacts Are Now The Real Social Network — TechCrunch

TrustRadius’: Marketo & Pardot are the best enterprise products with ratings 4.2 and 4.0 out of 5. For SMB?

New marketing automation rankings . . . “For mid-sized companies, TrustRadius’ data says that Marketo and Pardot were the best products, with customer satisfaction ratings of 4.2 and 4.0 out of 5, respectively. And for smaller companies, Hubspot, Act-On, and Infusionsoft topped the list, with Hubspot getting top honors for an almost-perfect 4.8 customer satisfaction score.”


Marketers should use lead generation to build brand awareness, nurture prospects and …

“. . . customers, qualify leads and ultimately generate measurable revenue.” 

Dan Strickland recently downloaded Marketo’s comprehensive, 160 page guide to lead generation, covering topics ranging from content marketing and website SEO to telesales and content syndication.

Marketo’s Guide provides a “How To” for:

  • Defining a lead and understand his or her buying journey
  • Building a robust lead generation strategy through marketing automation
  • Using content marketing, social media, your website, SEO, and paid programs for lead generation
  • Building an enduring customer relationships with Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) techniques
  • Testing, optimizing, and measuring your lead generation campaigns . . . see link below:

Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua: New data shows marketing automation market share in unprecedented detail

“This new information is from Datanyze, a company I’ve called the Google of sales and marketing for software-as-a-service technologies. Datanyze continually scans over 11 million of the world’s most-trafficked websites, looking for the little Javascript embeds and web tags that indicate the presence of an integrated SaaS technology — in this case a marketing automation system.”

“7 Keys To Great SEO: What SEO practices are most important nowadays for brand publishers?”

Answers to Seven keys to successful SEO:

  1. Original, engaging stories always win.
  2. Keyword and audience research still matters.
  3. Great headlines are key.
  4. Better content > more content.
  5. Optimize on both the page and platform level.
  6. Get inbound links.
  7. Social matters to search, in more ways than one.

Read details of what each key truly means for SEO greatness – full article by Dori Fern located at Contently . . .

Dan shared a link ‘Mobile Search: Tips for Effective Mobile Content Optimization



Three ways you can improve mobile content optimization.

1. Cater To Skimmers, Not Readers
2. Have Useful, Simple Information
3. Fight For Attention

Web users may be impatient, but mobile users are much more demanding. Don’t treat mobile users as readers, but as skimmers and scanners.

Think of your mobile audience as having ADHD.

Mobile Search: Tips for Effective Mobile Content Optimization


There has been a debate in the marketing community recently about whether publishers and web designers should create a separate user experience for desktop vs mobile


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Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

“… 5 Things Digital Marketers Need to Think About in 2014

  • Real-time mindset.
  • Get the big idea of newsjacking.
  • Incredible (and credible) content.
  • Write like a human, not a Martian.
  • Create brand evangelists. . .”

Read the full article by Lisa Buyer


Content [Marketing’s] Biggest Challenge Is Scale

Content MarketingMediapost.com article by Skip Brand – “We’re going to start to see native advertising take cues and data signals from the publishers and start to customize messaging to an individual user,” says Adam Kasper, chief media officer at Havas. “[Kasper], predicts that the content marketing business will grow, as content comes closer to media buying, and automation will have a huge impact on this growth . . . ‘With native [content ad buy], there’s a limitation,’ says Kasper. Read more – very insightful article! http://bit.ly/1cfCUz3 via @mediapost

A better e-commerce experience: Channel Intelligence and DoubleClick Search team up for enhanced feed management, optimization

Channel Intelligence, Doubleclick Search, Google

[Google] announced that “DoubleClick Search will integrate feed management and optimization capabilities from Channel Intelligence. As an add-on solution to the DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite, the first step in this integration combines the data feed expertise from Channel Intelligence with the core workflow and optimization features from DoubleClick Search.” Read more

Apple Is Already Building Its Next Massive Business And No One Seems To Have Noticed

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images


Spot quiz: What is Apple’s fastest-growing product by total dollar sales?  If you thought iPhones or iPads, you’d be wrong. Growth of both of those is in decline.

It’s actually e-commerce — via iTunes, iBooks and the app stores. Sales of extra, non-Apple “stuff” via Apple’s products were up 19% to $4.4 billion in Q1 2014.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-ecommerce-and-mobile-payments-plans-2014-2#ixzz2uHEE32XK