ROI Rankings: Facebook Deemed More Important Than Twitter and LinkedIn, Less Than Google


ROI Rankings: Facebook Deemed More Important Than Twitter and LinkedIn, Less Than Google
September 16, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff

AdAgeRBC-Online-Ad-Platforms-Ranked-by-ROI-Importance-Sept2013 Asked to rank 5 key online advertising platforms by importance in terms of ROI, respondents to a survey conducted by Ad Age and RBC Capital Markets put Google on top, giving it an average rating of 2.1 on a 6-point scale of importance, where 1 is the most important. Google edged out Facebook (average rating of 2.22), from which 9 in 10 respondents are seeing either improved (42.7%) or steady (48.3%) ROI over the past 6 months.
After Facebook, Twitter (average rating of 3.04) was deemed the next-most important for ROI, followed by LinkedIn (3.38), Yahoo (4.23), and AOL (5.6).

Respondents – a mix of marketers of clients (26%), ad agency employees (30%), and media company employees and consultants (44%) – appear to be satisfied with the support provided by…

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The Distinction Between the Website Development and Website Design Process

The Selection of the perfect Search Engine Optimization Company

In the sphere of website development and design, the two terms are frequently confused with each other and almost considered as the two faces of the same coin. Nonetheless, there is a thin difference between web development and design. The two terms are different in terms of concept usage, and outcomes.

According to the concept, website design mainly comprises of the outlook of the website. The main activities here are the design process of a specific website, which will attract more and more visitors. On the other hand, the concept of web development depends on the technical necessities.

Hence, it is evident that website design is mainly related with the outlook of the website.  The website needs to look beautiful in order to attract maximum number of users.  The main motive behind web development is to develop a proper working website which functions and works in the best way possible.

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A proper CMS Development Company Is Required for an Ideal Website

CMS or content management tools are very important for B2B websites as well as e-commerce web stores – no need to code everything anymore, at least not with CMS software!

The Selection of the perfect Search Engine Optimization Company

CMS is one of the most beneficial tools for modifying the content of any website.  The most important benefit of the content management tool is addition, removal and betterment of the website content to make the data more informative and interactive for the visitors.

Image  CMS plays an important role to handle the business website of your company. For this reason you should employ an ideal CMS development company that will handle the CMS system of your website. This tool can make your website much better, consistent and interactive for the users. You will find many such CMS and website Development Company in your city that offers the best CMS to their clients.

The CMS development process can make your website completely updated along with the latest marketing plans. As every website should have a contemporary look in order to survive the present cutthroat competition, you should definitely go for…

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