Automated bidding strategies: Target CPA and Maximize Conversions [with Bing]

Target CPA and Maximize Conversions are two new strategies that can help you achieve your conversion performance goals and are centered around your unique business. And Target CPA was the most requested feature Opens in new window across our UserVoice platform this year. These two features are part of the way we are investing into technologies and features that help to automate, empower, and simplify common workloads in search advertising. Examples of simplified workloads include Google Import (recently updated), In-Market Audiences, Dynamic Search Ads Opens in new window, and now Automated Bidding Opens in new window.
Unique platform signals

Like each of our bidding strategies, these new additions will leverage unique signals that are only available in our bidding offering to drive real-time dynamic bidding adjustments. Signals can include a user’s web browser, operating system, search query, and ad copy. We also perform real-time bidding adjustments based on the time of day or day of week, a user’s location, and their device type to better achieve your bidding goal.

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